Book Launch for Polish Edition of “The Spy Who Loved”…

Last Wednesday I was one of the guests invited by Forbes Magazine to the Warsaw Rising Museum for the Polish edition launch of Clare Mulley’s book “The Spy Who Loved” – A biography about the heroic and adventurous life of WW2 Special Agent Krystyna Skarbek aka Christine Granville.

DSC05554 -2

I am thrilled that Clare Mulley’s wonderful biography, in Polish translation titled “Kobieta Szpieg” (Woman Spy), has now been published in Poland.

Hosted by the Warsaw Rising Museum, the event was initiated by Pawel Komorowski and organized by Eryk Stankunowicz, the Deputy Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine.

Author Clare Mulley’s passionate talk and discussion about Skarbek, next to the museums spotlight lit 1:1 scale replica of a Liberator B-24J – certainly made for an atmospheric venue and a night to remember!

I was delighted to be one among the many guests from both Britain and Poland; including the British Ambassador to Poland, Robin Barnett and Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski, As we all gathered to honour and celebrate the remarkable life of Krystyna Skarbek – A woman who’s wartime record deserves remembrance and recognition from us all.

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For more on the Polish launch of Clare Mulley’s book “Kobieta szpieg” / “The Spy Who Loved” have a look at the links below:

Forbes Magazine  – Article, including photographs and video, can be found here

TVN24  – Article, with photographs and video, can be found here

The Times Polska  – Article about Krystyna Skarbek can be read here

Dwojka Polskie Radio – In Polish: interview with Clare Mulley and interesting debate with płk dr Krzysztof Marek Gaj  – Listen here 

I personally, very much, appreciate and agree with all the points raised by caller ‘Marek from Warsaw’ – starting at 52:49.


3 comments on “Book Launch for Polish Edition of “The Spy Who Loved”…

  1. David says:

    Congrats and good to see all this info about Polish Special Forces. My father ‘jumped’ to Poland.Sometime ago Agnieszka Holland was talking about doing a film on Christina Skarbeck. I hope somebody will take up this story – a remarkable individual -indeed there were so many like her, unknown to the general public.

    • Hi David!
      Thank you so much for your comment – I’m very happy to hear you found my blog interesting!
      Do you know the exact date your father parachuted into Poland? Or which unit he belonged to?
      Yes – there have been many different plans for films about Skarbek, none making it as far as a finished film yet – but fingers crossed a film will be made about her life soon – as it certainly is a story perfect for the big screen!

      Kind regards,


      • David says:

        Hi Marianna,

        According to the Cichociemni site the details are

        10/11 v 1944 operacja lotnicza “Weller 27”



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